Can . Brz Ch . Hampton Court’s Faster Zippy

Melhor do Grup –  Árbitro : Márcio Morikawa – Brasil 

Melhor do grupo – Árbitro : Sérgio Pizzorno – Uruguay

4ª de grupo –  árbitro : Victor Hugo S. Leal – Brasil


Dublin Dandiee Calíope D’Mameluco’s

Exposição do Kennel Clube de Pernambuco 26/11/17

CACIB – CAC – 4ª de grupo – Árbitro : Fernando Bretas – Brasil
CAC – CACPAB – 4ª de grupo – Árbitro : Elrena Sadler – África do Sul
CAC . CACPAB – Árbitro : Christian Gomes – Colômbia


PCh) Puppy Brazilian Champion for dogs between 6 and 9 months old, It is needed 3 certifies for Puppy champ (3rd All-Breed Best Puppy In Show CCF).

(JCh.) Junior Brazilian Champion for dogs between 9 and 15 months old, It is needed 4 certifies for young champ (CCJ).

(BrCh.) Brazilian Champion for dogs who are 15 month old or older. The dog need 7 certifies for championship (CAC) and btich needs 5.

(BrGCh.) Brazilian Grand Champion 50 points for females 70 ponits for males, (CGC 1pt) (CGC 2pt) (CGC 3pt) (CGC 4pt) or (CGC 5pt).

(PACh.) Pan Americano Champion for dogs who are 15 months old or older, 4 CACPAB for females and 5 CACPAB for males. ( 1 CACPAB different countries).

(PAGCh.) Pan Americano Grand Champion 8 CACPAB for females, 10 CACPAB for males.( 3 CACPAB different judges 3 different countries).

(Int.) International Champion for dogs sho are 15 months  old or older, 4 CACIB from 4 different judges from 4 different countries. It is necessary a 12 months period between the first CACIB and the last one.

(GVN.) Grand National Winner 4 All-Breed Best in Show in 4 different states from 4 different judges.